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Virtualization is the most compelling and flexible approaches to IT implementations today. Aging and dusty hardware sitting in your IT Closet can be converted to a modern, dynamic Virtual Resource with a minimum of effort and cost. Virtualization is the first step toward freeing yourself from aging hardware and obsolete systems and it provides a natural path toward Cloud Computing.

Since the early 2000’s Virtualization has been the core innovation which is defining the direction of modern technology infrastructures, culminating in the Cloud provisioning options that we see today.

The art of progress is to preserve order amid change and to preserve change amid order.
-Alfred North Whitehead

Virtualization and Cloud Computing isn’t always our recommended solution, but when evaluating your business needs Rockport is able to offer these options if we believe they are the right solutions for your company. Before you replace your existing servers with new servers, let us work with you to determine if Virtualization or Cloud Hosting makes better sense. Give us a call today.

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