Almost all companies, large or small, lack the time and/or experience to effectively plan and move their entire network infrastructure. Whether down the hall or across the country, all systems must be properly backed up, then taken down, relocated and brought back up with little or no down time. For many, this is the first time they have been faced with a computer-related task this large – or this important.

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.
-Henry Ford

Rockport Technology Group can reduce the workload on your internal staff and ensure that your move is completed on time and without surprises. Depending on the scale of the move a Project Manager (PM) may be assigned to work closely with facilities and IT Departments to produce a schedule and relocation plan to ensure minimum downtime of critical services. The PM is the conduit between you and the IT relocation team and ensures your infrastructure checklist is complete and on schedule. The PM also acts as your Help-Desk to confirm your systems are working properly when you’re ready for business in your new location.

A Project Manager focuses on items such as:

    • Cabling for computers and telephones
    • Floor plans (existing location and new location)
    • Co-coordinating with movers for best time management
    • Working with any internet or voice providers
    • Configuration changes for log in names or printers
    • Installing/setting up any door security systems

The PM coordinates this process on many levels, which may include:

Pre-move: whether it’s a move-in ready property or an empty shell (complete build out), our team works to ensure that your new location is to your specifications prior to your move to reduce surprises.

De-Install Systems: We properly prepare all IT and associated equipment for transport ensuring all manufacturers shipping precautions are adhered to. Computer systems are shut down, disconnected and labeled. Keyboards, cables, and peripherals are disconnected and packed into sealable individually-labeled bags, ensuring that all components are kept together and easily identified. Equipment is prepared for the movers based on their needs, including use of anti-static bubble wrap, packed into computer crates and/or roll cages prior to relocation.

Re-Install Systems: Equipment is re-installed at the new location ensuring all components are connected and functioning correctly. Hardware and software changes required to integrate relocated systems at the new site can be checked and changed where necessary. An agreed test procedure can be implemented which might include a simple power up verification, checking network connectivity or application testing.

Post Move Support: Rockport Technology Group is on hand the first day all systems go “live” to act as help desk support to enable the IT staff to prioritize the systems that need special attention and address all concerns throughout the company infrastructure and for every staff member. Follow up support is an essential part of the process for a move to be successful.

Also, we can help decommission and/or properly dispose of any old systems that don’t make the trip.

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