What is Cloud Computing and why is everyone talking about it?

Moving to the cloud, sounds like the modern thing to do, right? Everyone is talking about it, but is it the right thing for your company?

Rockport Technology Group is committed to recommending the best technology solutions, not just to selling you the latest gadget or buzzword.

Cloud Computing generally refers to managing your company’s technology needs in an off-premise (Cloud Based) facility rather than in a local in-house data center. It also generally implies flexibility in accessing those resources by allowing access from many different locations. Cloud Computing is probably the right solution for almost all businesses in the long term, but in the short term, many companies, and the IT industry as a whole are in a transition phase in which Hybrid solutions (both local and Cloud Based) are sometimes more cost effective and respectful of legacy infrastructure investments.

Cloud Computing may well be where your business is heading, but how you get there and how fast, are real questions you have to answer before taking action. Rockport can help answer these questions. Call us today.

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