In 2012, Forbes magazine published “Why Everybody Hates IT People”. Perhaps it rings familiar. Beyond the black rimmed glasses and pocket protector visual stereotype, we are often seen as difficult, expensive, arrogant, and tend to speak our own language. IT (along with Human Resources) often comes up as one of the top 2 departments that people don’t want to deal with in Work Surveys.

We get it. Finding a good IT vendor ranks right up there with finding a good doctor (or a good mechanic)!

We approach things a little differently:

We sort through the Needs vs. the Wants
We take the time to understand what makes your company, your environment, your STAFF – unique!

“If you’re at the cutting edge, then you’re going to bleed”
— Nancy Andreasen

As the quote above alludes to, remaining on the cutting edge of technology isn’t necessarily what it’s cracked up to be: It’s very expensive. It’s time and resource consuming. It’s often painful as you may end up being first to experience a particular issue (which isn’t fun if you’re in the middle of an outage!!).

We are versed in the latest software/hardware and virtualization methods, and if you need to upgrade due to compatibility or end-of-support issues – we’re certainly going to recommend it. But we will never recommend a project or an upgrade if it just isn’t necessary.

We look at all the different approaches to satisfying your goals, the pros, the cons and – of course – the associated costs. And then we work with you to customize a solution….for YOUR situation.

Plus…..We’re NOT in a hurry to spend your time and money.

         Bottom Line: We aren’t ‘IT People’ – we are PEOPLE who work in IT

To understand the difference call or email us to schedule a free, no risk (and no pressure) network assessment. You have nothing to lose.

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